What is Campus Life?

Campus Life is a youth organization focused on high school and middle school age young people who meet regularly in the homes of students under the supervision of adult staff leaders. There are no dues or membership requirements. Campus Life offers trips, conferences, and other recreational activities at nominal cost to students who choose to attend. The adult leaders give special attention to safety and supervision. 

Campus Life welcomes inquiries from parents and community leaders. Involvement by students is voluntary and without obligation. Campus Life does not discriminate against any student on the basis of race, religion, family background or gender. There are no dues or membership requirements. 

Campus Life believes in the "balanced life" concept and strives to develop the spiritual, physical, mental and social aspects of a young person's life. All areas need attention and nurture for a young person to grow into the mature young adult God intended and their parent's desire.

What Happens at a Campus Life Meeting?

Campus Life meetings start with informal games and relaxed fun, then move into an open discussion of a selected topic of interest to young people. Considerable preparation is made by the Campus Life leader to provide an environment of informality, yet at the same time achieve a more serious purpose. Everyone is encouraged to express his or her own opinion, if they desire to do so. The result is an active interchange of ideas within an atmosphere of positive peer support.

Campus Life offers more focused meetings to those who would choose to attend with special emphasis on the spiritual area of life and study of the Bible. These meetings are designed to help students relate the message of the Bible to everyday life situations.

What is Special About Campus Life?

For more than 30 years, Campus Life has successfully demonstrated the ability to listen, understand and talk with teenagers. The Campus Life philosophy of a balanced life brings a message of hope to young people, communicates Judeo-Christian values and assists the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Campus Life Ministry Sites

Oregon City High School

Reynolds High School