We are going on an Adventure

Posted on by Michelle Bowers

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life. A characteristic of living in the Northwest that has always struck me and kept me here is the sense of adventure that people have; the drive to keep exploring and pushing the limits. Whether you perceive it through the hustle and bustle of cities with skyscrapers full of business people, groups of hikers in the wilderness, or your first food cart experience in downtown Portland, there is one thing clear about those adventures; it took courage!

This month I and a team of volunteers will begin an adventure into what will become the ministry of Youth For Christ at Grant High School and the neighborhoods and the surrounding neighborhoods. I know that God will use us to make a difference to students and families’ lives with lots of prayer, dedication, perseverance, and relationships. This adventure will give us an opportunity to connect our stories with the stories of others, in order to share God’s stories. Many of these stories will come through connecting with students at our after-school City Life club, serving in activities on-campus to help the educational process of students, doing neighborhood outreach, partnering with churches and other like-minded organizations, and individual conversations with students and parents.

Right now, I am just telling you what I am envisioning. It is the tip of the iceberg. Actually taking the dive to see what lies beneath it is the part that takes courage. Would you consider responding through prayer, to volunteer with some part of Portland Youth For Christ (in North Central Portland, Clackamas, Gladstone, or Upward Stars), and to contribute your God-given gifts and treasure to our ministry of loving kids in Jesus’ name? I can’t wait to see and share how His plans unfold as we strive to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God in this adventure!

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