Thank You

Posted on by Michelle Bowers

I overheard hear two students in conversation. After sharing some food with his friend, one said, “You’re welcome.” The look of puzzlement on the friend’s face was puzzlement. The first student responded with said, “What for? I’ve got your back at other times.”

Thank you, two simple words that rarely get put together in a sentence anymore, let alone have heartfelt meaning.

I listened to another conversation where a student was sharing how important one of our staff was to him.  I asked him, “What makes him so important to you?” “He’s been there for me when nobody else is.”

He went on to say, “He’s like a dad to me you know, my dad told me I don’t count because I’m not doing something important in his eyes.”

It’s so easy to forget the kindness of others around us. As we enter the Thanksgiving season, I want to be sure and express our sincere thanks and appreciation to you for praying for our staff, and supporting the ministry of Youth for Christ.

Thank you for helping us reach out to students, like John, who need positive male influence in their lives, or Brie who did not believe that she is valued and her life is worth more than she thought. Now she has a better reason to live than ever before.

Thank you for furthering the mission of YFC in reaching out to teens and helping them give life to their stories.

Your support of YFC enables us to engage in the lives of teens all across our city making a difference (sometimes in life or death situations) and providing a vision of hope and a future.

So one more time, Thank you.

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