Not Again

Posted on by Michelle Bowers

This month the unthinkable happened, a young man walked into his college classroom and opened fire on his classmates and instructor. In the end, 10 people were dead and 9 others wounded. We all thought, “No, not again!”

Not again, 10 precious lives were taken. Not again, a troubled shooter. Not again, a fatherless child. Not again, no one noticed the troubling signs of the shooter.  And the Not again goes on and on.

While many are engaged in the debate about gun control, my heart is bent to talk about our decaying moral society and the lack of positive influence in the lives of our young people. We may never know the full details of the life of the young man who committed such a violent act or the full extent of the pain he created by his actions, but we know that everyone is affected.

As a father of two boys I know this, we need to be present in their lives. Too many dads are missing in action in the lives of their kids and as a result our society is being weakened because young hearts are becoming hardened. Take a look at this video clip:

Thank God for Uncle Phil. We need more Uncle Phil’s in our society. We are living in a time when young people are desperately seeking help. Help for brokenness, for loneliness, for sense of purpose, or simply a reason to live. They are not finding it in media. They are not finding it in music. You cannot buy it online or at the mall. The help they need comes from a source much greater than you and I. That help comes from the author creator and giver of life, our Lord himself.

God has chosen people like you and me to carry His message of hope to the hopeless, His message of redemption to the lost and the message of peace to troubled souls.

As I visit school campuses across our city, it is very obvious that the need for truth is high. Students are hurting for love and acceptance.  And they want to know the truth.

Your support of Youth for Christ affords us the opportunity to go where kids are and be that Uncle Phil in their lives offering them the love, acceptance and hope of Christ.

Thank you for loving students through us.

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