North Central Portland

City Life and the Youth of North Central Portland

Students in North Central Portland have a variety of options to choose from for social gatherings, everything from the mall to coffee shops, to parks. These teenagers come from a wide variety of racial and socio-economic backgrounds.  This division between people creates challenges in schools and neighborhoods; challenges that need a holistic ministry approach, like the one found in City Life, that can provide physical, social, and spiritual resources, while pointing students and their families to Christ.

City Life Outreach and Activities

Since September 2015, City Life has been doing outreach in the Grant High School area so students can hear the message of Jesus through words and deeds. Our commitment to "Go where students are"  and build relationships, includes volunteering at Grant High School, attending school and neighborhood events, and hosting a weekly after-school club meeting.

Currently we meet on Thursday night 4-7 at Salvation Army (5325 N Williams Ave) for board games and tutoring, dinner, and club activities.

We also provide tutoring, job and resume development, and mentoring by appointment. Contact Director Andrew Kruse at for more information.