Roosevelt High School

The Facts

  • Has a student population of over 800 students
  • Most diverse high school in Portland, Oregon
  • 60% of students of free and reduced lunch and 80% of students at or below the poverty line
  • Received a $6.7 million as part of President Obama’s school reform initiative
  • Has vastly improved their sports programs and academics

John’s  Story

I met John two years ago while helping with lunch. He loves to play guitar and write music. We continued to connect over the next few months on campus. Then I saw him at McDonald’s a few months later. We talked for about an hour and he told me about his life. John never knew his dad, and mom worked three jobs to support him. Without any adult supervision, John often ditched school to hang with his friends. The school provides John with a number of services, but he has never heard the Gospel message and lacks a strong support system provided by a church.

Our ministry provides students like John with adult relationship role models and the opportunity to hear the Gospel message. Roosevelt High School volunteer staff meet with John weekly off-campus. These opportunities give John an opportunity to hear the Gospel and get advice from a positive adult.

George Middle School

The Facts

  • Has a student population of 400 students
  • Highly diverse with a high population of African-American, Asian, and Hispanic students
  • Close to 90% of the students are at or below the poverty line and 85% of students are on free and reduced lunch
  • Has a model after-school program called SUN School

Mark’s Story

Mark has a shy, reserved demeanor, but is actually a very out-going young man with a love for life. He loves to ride his skateboard, break dance, and play basketball. Mark, like a lot students in North Portland, has lots of family problems. His mom has not worked in over a year and he has never met his dad. In spite of these problems, Mark tries hard in school and has excellent grades. His family is extremely poor and lacks adult role models.

Our ministry meets with Mark on a regular basis. We take him out to lunch every week and he participates in other YFC sponsored events.

Contact Information


10011 SE Division ST, Ste 209 Portland, OR 97266-1353
503-288-5124 fax