North Portland

Who are the youth of North Portland?

We are constantly inundated with stories of inner-city teens joining gangs, engaging in illicit sex, and abusing drugs. Yet, each kid is unique in their attitudes, talents, and dreams. Some listen to hip-hop, while, others blast the latest rock music. Certain kids form bands or rap groups. Other kids play basketball or football. Some want to be a auto mechanics and others strive to be doctors. However, many North Portland youth come from poverty, broken families, and rough neighborhoods. Therefore, they need the guidance of concerned adults and the support of a caring community.

What is City Life North Portland?

City Life North Portland began in 2008 with the mission to “to empower youth to become leaders in their families, churches, and communities.” Central to fulfilling our mission is building relationships with youth and providing them with the needed guidance and support. We feel through relationships youth can grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and professionally. As the ministry grows, we want to become a cutting edge and innovative ministry that helps youth change their communities for Christ.

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Contact Information

10011 SE Division ST, Ste 209 Portland, OR 97266-1353
503-288-5124 fax