Holistic Sports Ministry

Posted on by Michelle Bowers

Written by Gary Bays, Upward Stars Ministry Director

I have been given the privilege of helping launch a new ministry of Youth for Christ, and this ministry will be a joint effort with Upward Stars Sports. We will be reaching out to boys and girls from first grade through high school, forming them into teams to compete against others their age.  We will start with basketball and will add other sports later on down the road. The exciting thing about this ministry is that we will be working with the participants in all areas of their life, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, along with skill development. We will also be involved in community service projects. One of the key aspects of this project will be bringing coaches, parents and athletes to a place of cooperation, since we currently live in a youth sports culture that is causing kids to quit playing because of the tension that exists.

Currently, we are looking for coaches to help us launch this new program in the Portland area. Please contact us as soon as possible, if you are interested. We greatly need your help as we reach out to boys and girls to give them an opportunity to play the sport they love in an environment that encourages them to develop in all aspects of their life, while having fun and building lifelong friendships along the way.

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